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JUREX is a legal expert system that runs under Windows. It can be used for 3 Purposes:

For solving cases a conversation is simulated between the lawyer and the computer as a second lawyer with the help of screen and mouse.

The artificial lawyer computer can fulfil its job by the help of logical and mathematical operations that necessarily are part of legal rules.

The artificial lawyer is superior to the natural lawyer with respect to the exact contents of all legal rules and by his ability to find the next needed rule within milliseconds.

The natural lawyer is superior by understanding the facts of the case and correcting the computer as far as the correctness of the rule of the data base and its interpretation is concerned.

So lawyer and computer together can be considered as best possible partners.

By this cooperation legal cases can be solved in a quicker and more perfect way than by a lawyer who works with conventional books or data banks.

This is demonstrated by knowledge bases of the German Labour Law supplementary laws that have the size of net 18 million bytes.

The support JUREX gives to legislators in their attempt to make flawless laws can be understood like this: The draft of a bill can be transformed into a JUREX knowledge base just as well, as an existing law can be transformed into it. The legislator can then try whether a set of possible legal cases will be solved with the help of the computer in the way the legislator has in mind. If there is no real or no adequate automatic solution to the case the draft of the bill and the corresponding knowledge base will have to be improved until all cases can be solved adequately.

JUREX provides additional methods to calculate the consequences of a large set of cases, taken from e.g. administrative data bases, to test laws pertinent to financial claims (e. g. laws on taxes or social benefits). JUREX will represent the cases in tables or graphs.

JUREX is construed to represent every conceivable rule of every state, since the essence of its legal rules is not only text, but an additional algebraic formula as the link between the legal effect of the rule and its legal preconditions.

Quite a heap of the Rules of German Labour Law are not Statute Law, but rules developed by lawyers,sort of Common Law. From that you derive that JUREX would have no difficulty to be used in an environment of Common Law.

Implementing a knowledge base for JUREX requires a bit more effort than writing a book on the law concerned since the knowledge base should describe law more precisely then books an law do. But of course the advantage is immensely higher: With JUREX you need not read large parts of the book to solve the case but only the necessary Information that is selected by JUREX from the knowledge base. The knowledge can be kept up to date at short intervals and be downloaded from the Internet every moment whilst a book can be out of date the day of its appearance on the market.

If you want to download JUREX instantly, follow the hints in the German Version of this website. There you will also find a German introduction to the use of the program for solving legal cases and for writing sets of legal rules, that are needed to solve legal cases with JUREX. The following book has been published on JUREX: "JUREX - Das juristische Expertensystem, Handbuch und CD" by Tectum Wissenschaftsverlag, Marburg 2016 with more detailed information. You can order the book at a cost of 49,95 Euro.

You migth be interested to develop a version of JUREX with explanatory components in another than the German language. Then please contact the author for cooperation.

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